How many ______kindergartens must we have BEFORE kindergarten?

Today I was privy to a conversation in a local group asking about recommendations for a junior kindergarten. Based on the conversation, I believe that "junior kindergarten" is something that comes BEFORE "pre-k", which comes BEFORE kindergarten.
Do we all understand what the purpose of kindergarten is? Have we really all forgotten what "kindergarten" means? 
Check this out! It talks about the origin of "kindergarten"!
We have taken what was SUPPOSED to be 1st grade and moved it down to our kindergarteners!Then we pushed it down to our preschool aged children! We just keep pushing it down to younger and younger children! How will these poor children EVER learn true social skills when not given the freedom to develop them as naturally happens through play?!

This is why I do what I do...the way I do it...

...because we seem to have forgotten what childhood should be.

We seem to have forgotten how important play truly is!

Remember this...