"Just Playing?"- A Homemade Christmas Tree (in March)

It's time for our weekly blog-hop as part of the "Just Playing?" series of posts!

Child Central Station

This is your chance to slow down for a moment and consider what learning takes place in children's play!

Just as stated last week, we would love for you to do four things to join in:

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So here we go...

"Just Playing?"- A Homemade Christmas Tree

We discovered two little girls constructing something on a corner-post of one of our play lofts.

"It's our Christmas tree!" they said.

This project consisted of two little girls, a basket full of paper swords, two rolls of masking tape, and a little bit of time.

After we moved the camera on to other things, the girls reversed roles so they could each have a turn tied to the Christmas tree.

So we may be "just playing", but...

What are the children doing here?

What do you see?

What learning is taking place?

What skills are being practiced/developed?

Thank you for remembering that young children do not “just play.” Young children play. They develop through play. They learn through play. They experiment through play. They grow through play. A child’s work is play. Play is important!

Please take a moment to reflect upon the photos and questions above. I would love for you to share your observations in a comment. I’d also like to invite you to “hop” on over to all of the other bloggers who are sharing photos of children learning through play this week: