Cookies in School (and pretzels too!)

As you know if you have been a part of our program, we are very conscious of what we feed the children at our school.  We provide morning and afternoon snack each day that consist of whole wheat breads and muffins (baked at the school) along with a fruit or vegetable and water to drink.

After four years of the same bread rotating through with slight variations each day (blueberry, strawberry, oatmeal, applesauce, banana, etc.), the children have recently become weary of eating the same ol' thing.

So, I set out to discover a way to keep the integrity of our healthy snacks while providing the children with greater variety.

If you are a parent of one of our preschoolers, you may hear that we had cookies for snack from time to time now.  I can assure you...these are not your average white-flour, sugar-loaded cookies. As an example I wanted to provide for you a recipe for the cookies we ate at afternoon snack yesterday.

The Maple Pecan Breakfast Cookies were a hit! 

So if your child mentions cookies for snack, don't panic! Feel free to ask for the recipe!

By the way...we made Soft pretzels today using this recipe...although we used 100% whole wheat flour. Again...they were a hit!