Can we step back and allow our children to think for themselves?

Every parent starts from a point of wanting the best for their child.  The problem is, reasoning often stops there.  Typically parents don't step back from that starting point and ask themselves, "If I want the best for my child, what truly IS the best thing?"

We just assume that if we want our child to be good at something, we just need to help them do more of that thing.  For example, if we want to have a literary genius on our hands, we need to get them started reading early in life...forcing academics.  We believe that this will give our child a head-start in literacy.  


Reality is...research has shown that this is just simply not how our brains function.  Our brains function optimally by learning to problem solve and think creatively ON THEIR OWN...a practice best learned through real-life exploration and experience.

I read a piece this morning that was absolutely EXCELLENT!  It's a Brittish article that discusses many areas in which we desire success for our children. It elaborates on how things often backfire in our effort to support our children in path toward success in those areas.

Please, please read

Slow parenting part three: let babies learn to think for themselves