Art we've done

Art is quite central to our school philosophy.  All art is performed solely by the children, with no models of the art for them to attempt to copy.  This leaves room for the children to develop their own creativity.  

Our adult reaction to their art is subdued.  We purposely choose not to "praise" their art, lest they walk away believing the key to a "successful" piece of art is exactly what they have just done.  Often when children are given praise, they actually can become stifled by then limiting their expectations of their own creativity (more on praise in a later post).

Our art is very product driven.  The process of the children experiencing the creativity is the focus.  Much of it is done cooperatively (as seen in several of the pictures below).  Often our art pieces are BIG.  The kids love it!  What a wonderful thing to watch them experiment with color and texture through art in various forms.

So, here is a little glimpse into some of the variety of art we've done in our school.  May these photos inspire your inner child to create!

Painting suspended paper-covered balls-below are pictures of three of the children captured while they are painting the suspended balls

Texture board step one

Texture board step two
Fence painting

Spinning body art
Spritz painting

Color swinging
Bubble painting- the process

Bubble painting- the product

Car painting

Foot sponge painting
Roll-a-ball painting